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Watch me as I procrastinate doing my Cinematography project!

So.  I should be doing my cinematography project.  But......I'm not.  Because I have no idea where to start with it.  Ughhh.

So I'll just talk to the infinite space known as teh interwebz for a while.

It really amazes me on about a bajillion levels that people actually comment on my fics in Dollhouse fandom.  When I was writing more Avatar:TLA stuff, namely Sokka/Azula stuff, it'd be a miracle if I got one comment.  Sure, it was all pretty popular on ff.net but who really cares about that these days?  So I was really starting to think that my Sokkla fics were like, complete shit and were only slightly better than the less-than-mediocre stuff on FF.net. 

Then I jump fandoms and start writing for Dollhouse, which is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH smaller (and so much more peaceful, btw.) And I suddenly get a bunch of comments and stuff.  I don't think my writing has gotten any better so it kinda really hits home with just how unpopular Sokka/Azula was.  Which is really, really sad.  It made no sense at first glance but once you got into it, it was really great.  Kind of a shame no one else in fandom could see it but a handful of crazies. 

I am really glad I kinda jumped fandoms though.  Dollhousedom reminds me why I fell in love with fandom activities in the first place.  Its a way to relax and have fun.  Avatar fandom was just full of drama and wank and just general awfulness.  And its only going to get worse.

I still plan on finishing some of my Sokka/Azula stuff though.  So.  Yeah.  Gonna go be productive now.
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