EMMAY (lotusunset) wrote,


I want to do a stop-motion lego Dollhouse parody.  Too bad I lack the funds to go buy a bajillion zillion legos.  

I also want to do a bajillion other things but lack the time to do them.

Wish I could apply for that job at Nickelodeon to work on "THE UNTITLED AVATAR PROJECT"  Pisses me off so much that I can't but meh.  I kinda hope it turns out to be cool though.  Maybe the fandom won't be quite as fucking batshit.


No matter how awesome the new series ends up being, I probably won't touch that fandom with a 10-foot-pole.  I'll stick to the Whedonverse.  People are relatively sane here.  Especially Dollhouse fandom.  With the exception of some batty Claire/Topher shippers, its nice here.  And I love me some Topher/Bennett adorableness.  (IF YOU LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I DO, GO JOIN topher_bennett  ASAP.  WE NEED MORE T/B FLUFF.)

Speaking of T/B though, I'm working on an AU where Bennett doesn't die.  Its gonna be fun.  >D  I should work on that while I'm waiting for my laundry to be done.  Since I have this wedding to go to today.  Jeebus I hate weddings.  

Tags: avatar, dollhoue, fandom is retarded, i r animatorrr, shameless fluff, topher/bennett
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