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Back in school.  Waiting for my 3D modeling class to start.  I am so excited.  Screw enviroments, set design and materials.  I just want to model pretty characters and make them move.

Also, Oh giant Intuos tablets, how I missed thee over break.  My itty bitty graphire just doesn't compare!

Please excuse me while I go waste time playing in photoshop. ='D

Expect more Topher/Bennett stuff in the near future.  I'm addicted.  I swear, being in Dollhouse fandom is like going on vacation to Hawaii.  Everyone is so nice and sweet and there aren't any ship wars.  Just awesomeness.  I wish Avatar fandom could be like that.  BUT THAT'S CRAZY LOLOL.

Tags: animation, dollhouse, grape nos makes my world go 'round, school, this is awesome, topher/bennett
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